Здружение на новинарите на Mакедонија
Членка на Mеѓународната федерација на новинари IFJ
Основано 1946

Analysis and publications

Guide for ethical media coverage of elections in North Macedonia

Guidelines for safe and professional reporting on coronavirus (COVID-19) – March 2020

The attacks on journalists and media workers on April 27th – December 2019

Chronicle of the (un)safety of journalists – December 2019

Status and need of correspondents in the Republic of North Macedonia – August 2019

Manual on professional, safe and ethical work of cameraman in media – October 2019

Indicators for the degree of media freedom and journalists’ safety – December 2018

Defamation as part of the process of media reforms – December 2018

Analysis of the decisions of the Primary Court Skopje 2 Skopje concerning the application of the Law on civil liability for insult and defamation – December 2018

Over 150 complaints submitted to institutional transparency for 2018, the responsible committee without a quorum since May – December 2018

The application of the Law on Civil Liability for Insult and Defamation in the Judicial Proceedings against Journalists-2018

Hate speech became standard speech in Macedonia – Institutions for years have been deaf to calls for violence – December 2018

Indicators for the degree of media freedom and the journalists’ safety – January 2018

Media Self-Regulation and Cross-Sector Communication in the Functioning of the Council of Media Ethics in Macedonia – December 2017

Freedom of expression through the practice of the European Court for Human Rights – December 2017

Recommendation towards increased integrity and professional level on online media – November 2017

Ethics in the news – November 2017

Recommendations towards responsible online media – November 2017

Towards a Successful Lobbying and Advocacy Strategy for Journalists Aimed at Improving the General Situation of the Media in Macedonia – October 2017

MRT analysis 2017


Indicators on the level of media freedom and journalists safety 2016

Safe Photo Reporting November 2016 EN

Journalist Handbook on Covering Elections ENG version

Summary of the Media Situation in Macedonia June 2016

Defamation and insult assesment Sep 2015 (ENG)

Assesment media reforms Sep 2015 (ENG)

Случаи на повреда на правата на новинарите ЗНМ јули 2015_0_1

Прирачник – Слобода на изразување закон за медиуми и клевета Мај 2015

Јавните пари во медиумскиот простор мај 2015

Случаи на повреда на правата на новинарите ЗНМ мај 2015_0

Препораки октомври 2014 ЗНМ ССНМ ЕФЈ

Анкета новинари ЗНМ септември 2014

Извештај за состојба на слободата на изразување и судството во МК ЗНМ септември 2014

Образложение на амандманите на законот за аудиовизуелни услуги ЗНМ 19.08.2013

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