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AJM and CMEM developed guidelines for safe and professional reporting on coronavirus

Wednesday March 18th, 2020Wednesday March 18th, 2020/ Wednesday March 18th, 2020

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) and the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia (SEMM), in the interest of better informed public and safer journalists and media workers while carrying out their professional duties, prepared a publication entitled: “Guidelines for safe and professional reporting on coronavirus (COVID-19)”.

The publication, in the first part, offers guidance on ethical, professional and responsible reporting on coronavirus in a situation of global pandemic. To that end, recommendations have been made to use relevant sources of information, avoid sensationalism, use appropriate vocabulary, use visualization carefully, and more.

The second part of the publication is a kind of protocol for the protection and self-protection of journalists and media workers in the COVID-19 pandemic. This section discusses standard measures of precaution, as well as recommendations for reporting of journalists and media workers from the field, as well as guidelines for editorial work and guest appearances on TV shows.

Authors of this publication are the Executive Director of the Council of Media Ethics, Dr. Marina Tuneva and Ognen Janeski, journalist and alumni researcher at the UN Department of Public Information.



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