Download the application form

Membership at AJM

One must fill out an application form which can be downloaded from this site. An integral part of it is the confirmation for professional engagement. The necessary documents must be submitted to AJM office (Gradski Dzid, blok 13, 1000 Skopje) along with two photos or via email: contact[at]

The annual membership is 300 denars.
The transfer can be made in a bank on the following acount AJM Commercial Bank transaction account 300000000776715


The Managing Board meeting in April 2012 brought a decision to allow the journalists who lost their jobs, and who are eligible for membership provided by the Statute to join for free to in AJM. On the same meeting the annual membership fee was decreased on 300 from 600 denars.

For further questions please contact us at: contact[at]

Conditions for regular membership

AJM member can be every journalists that: -has been in the profession for a year at least Conditions for associates: AJM associates can be the persons who are employed in the public services, educational, cultural, trade and other institutions as well as publicists who deal with journalism from time to time or former regular members whose membership has been transferred from regular to associate due to reasons stipulated in the AJM Statute. Associate membership is AJM membership which in terms of rights and obligations is equal to the regular membership with the exception of the right to elect or be elected in the AJM bodies and without right to decide on the Statute of AJM. They have no right to use the AJM funds in line with the acts of these funds as well as no right to use the benefits provided by the AJM and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). The associates have the right to express their opinions and stances about the work of the AJM bodies, they are entitled to use the legal protection for their journalistic work and to hold AJM membership card. The associate membership expires at the moment when the same would be transferred by default to regular full-fledged membership with regular membership fee in line with the provisions on membership- fee. The procedure for application for associate membership is the same like the one for regular members, and the amount of the fee is determined in the same manner as the one for regular members. Conditions for Honorary Members: The AJM elects honorary members by majority vote in the Managerial Board. Foreign citizens can also be granted a status of honorary member. An AJM honorary member can become a person whose main line of work is not related to journalism, but due to their extraordinary efforts and cooperation with AJM have contributed greatly to the work and the development of AJM. The honorary members are entitled to follow the work of AJM Assembly without right to their representatives in the Assembly and without right to participate in the decision-making process.

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